Renold (RNO) – CEO interview – 5 Aug 2022

Paul Scott interviews Robert Purcell, CEO of Renold (RNO).

Disclaimers – this interview is for general information only, and does not constitute any kind of recommendation or advice. Please do your own research. Paul Scott did not charge a fee for this interview, and does not hold shares personally in Renold.

Click here to see Renold’s results presentation slides (pdf file) for FY 3/2022.

Topics covered –

  1. Brief overview of Renold.
  2. Turnaround in recent years.
  3. Sizeable acquisition announced this week in Spain.
  4. Bank debt.
  5. Inflation & pricing power.
  6. Supply chain (no pun intended!)
  7. Pension deficit.
(from Renold website)


  • Excellent interview with CEO. Renold comes across as a business with a clear strategy for growth in a specialist market.
    Prompted me to top up my existing shareholding. Many thanks to Paul for the interview.

  • One of my major holdings and very happy with the progress shown. Originally I invested as I felt the shares were undervalued. They are even more undervalued now!
    Much appreciate this discussion.

  • Really enjoyed the podcast chat with Robert – I hold RNO. I have enjoyed listening to your interviews, thoughts and detailed insights. Please keep doing them.

  • Excellent and interesting, as a holder these are great Paul.


  • Hi Rob & Adam, Many thanks for the feedback! I don’t know how many people listen, so it’s always nice to hear from listeners who found it useful, that motivates me to do more of them! 🙂
    I’ve just installed a new plugin in WordPress, which should make it easier for anyone t leave comments (apart from pesky Russian spammers, who keep submitting spam comments that I had to weed out manually).
    Best wishes, Paul.

  • Hi Paul, an excellent and very interesting interview with Robert Purcell, covering all 7 topics, which he certainly answered confidently. He comes across as a safe pair of hands for Renold to be in. I am currently a happy holder!
    Thanks to you both for your time.

  • Thanks Paul & of course to Robert. I hold #RNO (initially from c12p & topped up inc after the drop from great results!). So I am conscious of conviction bias. But I do like the style of a podcast interview without powerpoint as a crutch. Love the style of prodding at questions & letting the answers come. Learned some new things & interesting to get the perspective on pension bias. Hope others who dont own will listen & use it as an opportunity to DYOR. Personally at their stage I would rather them invest with their cash rather than pay a divi & then borrow or dilute. Surprised the acquisition didnt start to help a re-rate but it gives me opportunity to continue to build a position. Thanks again!

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