Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 3 for 2023

Paul Scott rattles through 62 (a new record!) UK small caps trading updates, written about in this week’s Small Cap Value Reports (exclusively available on Stockopedia)

A big boost to my personal portfolio occurred on Friday, with a 200% premium takeover bid for Seraphine (BUMP). It was high risk: high reward, so I’m very relieved an excellent outcome has happened. Maybe more luck than judgement.

Plus some brief macro news/views towards the end of this recording. I’m still a bit wary of this frantic “everything rally” we’ve had since October.

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Best wishes, Paul.


  • Simon Bassett

    Brilliant Paul, the only gay in the village comment made me laugh. I so like your sense of humour!

  • Great update Paul, thanks for all your ongoing work

  • Thanks Paul,
    Informative as always, interesting that the Sunday Times has a piece on Seraphine, noting a large shareholder calling the bid Egregious.
    I like you think there is outside chance of someone else taking a look at this.
    Owe you a pint btw. You bought BUMP to my attention.
    Cheers Paul.

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