Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 7

Paul’s usual weekly recap on small caps. Just opinions remember, never advice or recommendations. Please DYOR, as I’ll frequently be wrong!

I start off looking at individual companies that reported results or trading updates this week. Followed by a shorter than usual section on market commentary near the end. The key issue being – will the big US rally hold? If so, UK small caps could be cheap, as they’ve not rallied anywhere near as much. Time will tell, I don’t know the answer at this stage.


  • I’m a bit late commenting here Paul given this episode is three weeks old, (playing catch up) but I read across from your discussion (I don’t hold) on Facilities by ADF to the launch on 2nd September of the worlds most expensive TV series (Prime Video, Tolkein, Lord of the Rings – you might have seen an article in the Telegraph this last week). The first series was shot in New Zealand, but the powers that be there then contrived to lose the next four series which are all being shot in the UK.

    I very much appreciate these weekly summaries, however late it is I get to them, including the macro comments. It’s a good way of targetting SCVR articles of interest from earlier in the week. Your own trials and tribulations, so openly expressed, are wise counsel and very comforting for less experienced and qualified investors. Thanks

  • hi Paul, just to thank you for continuing with these. They are a great podcast to listen to whilst taking my lunchtime walks. Mayo and Kermode’s film review, that Peter Crouch podcast, and now Quality smallcaps podcast with Paul Scott – my weekly trio of must-listens.

  • Thanks Paul, really useful!
    Kind regards Paul

  • Enjoy listening especially to your thoughts on the macro stuff. Thanks for doing

  • Thank you for this, Paul – it’s a really fantastic podcast. I wonder, in next week’s update, would you mind going over the companies that are of particular interest to you, that you would be looking to add to your personal portfolio if you had the spare cash? I know it’s not a podcast for advice or recommendations, but I’m genuinely interested as to your latest top 5 or 10 list!

    Have a great week,


  • I fish in other ponds, but enjoy listening to the podcast, to hear your approach and reflect on my own, so thanks!

  • I listen every week. Really enjoy. I also read SCVR every week day. Keep it up Paul. You’re my favourite stock picker (only joking) I’m fully aware that you are not a stock picker. I really appreciate your thoughts on individual companies and macro view.

  • Great podcast Paul

  • Thanks Paul. Re. LOAD. Some catalysts/growth drivers I think (which should persist long term) are: new management; divestment of Tasman; electrification/transition to renewables; data centres; recent expansion into US; factory expansion; energy security.

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