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ZANE was founded in 2002, by Tom Benyon OBE & team, in response to the economic & political catastrophe in Zimbabwe at the time. This was caused by rampant inflation, collapse of the currency (multiple times, including right now), incompetent & corrupt Government, and the chaotic land reforms which turned the former “bread basket of Africa” into an economic basket case.

Things have only got worse since, and sadly the country is in a seemingly permanent downward spiral to this day. So what started as temporary humanitarian aid, has grown far beyond the initial plans, into a permanent organisation.

Tom Benyon & his wife Jane, are very much doers. So if they see a problem, they actually do something to help people in need. Other examples of their current charity work, include Tom’s prison visiting/mentoring, and Jane’s food bank in Oxford. Tom was MP for Abingdon from 1979-83. His political and military connections & experiences, are key to the fundraising which he spearheads for ZANE.


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