“QualitySmallCaps.co.uk is an important part of a company’s communications strategy; Paul and his audience provide questions that need to be answered by management in the straightforward manner with which they are asked.”

Marcus E. Leaver, Chief Executive, The Quarto Group


With his independent commentary and in-depth review of small cap companies, Paul really fills a gap in the market. The forum that qualitysmallcaps.co.uk provides, whereby companies can connect with their retail investors and vice versa, is invaluable and I would happily recommend to any CEO looking to deepen their investor communications to get involved.

Spencer Wreford, Group Finance Director, Empresaria Group plc (EMR)


Paul’s interviews are an excellent forum for a public company to connect with serious retail investors – an investor community it can otherwise be hard to reach.  The fact that the questions are asked directly by his readers makes it particularly relevant.  I’d recommend it to any other investor relations focussed CEO as being well worthwhile.

Tom Burnet, CEO, Accesso Technology Group (ACSO)


Because Paul’s questions are sourced independently direct from his readers and followers, his interviews are a great way for companies to engage in a meaningful way with retail investors on the issues that are important to them.


We’re grateful for the opportunity to take part and would recommend the experience to other publicly-listed management teams.

Jack Cooney, President & CEO, Somero Enterprises Inc. (SOM)


“A business such as BOTB was grateful for the opportunity to give more information to current and potential shareholders via such a well respected site as qualitysmallcaps.co.uk.  Our business has changed a lot in recent years and the Q and A format was a great way of dispelling some myths as well as outlining the future strategy.”

William Hindmarch, CEO of Best of the Best (BOTB)


“It can often be very difficult for companies to engage proactively with the retail investor population, which leads to a misunderstanding of the longer term investment case, an over-simplistic analysis of performance and a feeling of a lack of engagement. This is why Paul’s approach is really refreshing. Through his audio casts, companies have the opportunity to present their case and empower the retail investor to take a balanced view. Most importantly though, Paul provides a forum for retail investors to get direct answers to the topics most pressing to them, by actively contributing to questions in the audio cast.”

Rod Jones, CEO of Proactis.


We were very grateful for the opportunity to appear on qualitysmallcaps.co.uk and explain how Brady plc plans to respond to the current market conditions impacting the commodity sector. We were particularly pleased that Paul Scott took the time to solicit questions from private investors, as this gave us a perfect forum to directly address their concerns. Responding to shareholders is very important to us, and qualitysmallcaps.co.uk provided an excellent opportunity for us to do this.

Gavin Lavelle, CEO of Brady plc, 5 Jan 2016


“Getting the investment message to a broad investor audience is key, and the live recorded Q&A session with Paul, where questions that were generated by, and matter to the retail investor are put forward in a well-structured and insightful manner, is an ideal forum.


I therefore, highly recommend any CEO or management team that Paul approaches in the future, to grasp the presented opportunity.”

Mark Cambridge, CEO of Zytronic plc, 4 Jan 2016


“Investors crave knowledge and insight into a potential investment. The interview with Paul Scott enabled me to chat about our business in a live Q&A format, answering questions important to investors. It was quick and easy to do and , based on investor feedback, provided a valuable insight and clarification of our business. I will be doing this again.”

Simon Tucker, CEO of Software Radio Tech, 1 Nov 2015


“Individual investors are extremely important to us as shareholders, but it can be difficult to reach as many as we would like on a personal level. Paul’s interviews are a great way for a wide range of investors to get to know management teams and hear them answer the questions that matter.”

Nick Taylor, CEO of Waterman Group, 2 Nov 2015


“As a public company run and managed on behalf of our shareholders, Tracsis has always been about openness and transparency.  We welcome the opportunity to answer shareholder questions and feel it is important to do so, especially given the high profile nature of some terrible AIM duds that have tarnished the entire market in recent years.

As a fellow investor I like the fact the interview questions are sourced from retail investors, and this sets Paul apart from other broadcast services which tend to simply be marketing tools.”

John McArthur, CEO of Tracsis plc, 9 Nov 2015