Company results – small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 18 (part 1 of 2)

Paul Scott runs through the companies covered in this week’s Small Cap Value Reports on

As usual, Paul doesn’t pull any punches with criticism of poor results, especially from eCommerce giants Asos and THG – both look like possible zeroes, if they’re not able to pull off their turnaround plans.

Profit warnings from building products suppliers MSLH and ECEL come into focus – is the sector now cheap enough to bottom-fish for a recovery in 2024 and beyond? Maybe, who knows!?

Plus dozens of other companies that Paul & Graham reviewed.

Paul also explains our traffic light system – which we assumed would be obvious, but for anyone confused;

Green means a company looks securely financed (so low risk of dilution/insolvency), is trading OK, and looks reasonably priced.

Amber means no strong view either way, and

Red means there are significant problems, especially over financing, dilution risk, see more detail in our reports which will spell out the risks.

Can we predict what future share prices will do? No, because the market is driven by investor sentiment, and sometimes higher risk shares can produce strikingly good share price movements. All we’re saying with our traffic light system is – this is our initial view, and over to you for the detailed research of your own. Hopefully we save people time by flagging good and bad points about each share, that’s the idea!


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