Belvoir (BLV) – CEO interview – 29 Mar 2023

Paul Scott interviews Dorian Gonsalves, CEO of Belvoir Group – an acquisitive, mainly franchised estate agency group (with managed lettings being the largest part of this).

Please note this interview is for general interest, and is NOT advice or a recommendation. This is an independent interview – no fee was charged, and Paul does not have any personal shareholding in the company. These interviews are for general interest, not a commercial enterprise.

Belvoir has established an excellent track record of growth (e.g. profits up c.3-fold in the last 5 years). Yet the shares have been languishing of late, despite decent 2022 results announced this week. I see value in the shares, and like the 5% dividends, plus self-financed acquisitive growth.

In this interview I tried not to duplicate a very comprehensive recent webinar here on InvestorMeetCompany, so suggest people watch that first, then my interview which tries to focus on some other points.

The company’s comprehensive presentation slide deck is here, well worth a look, for more detail.


  • I was surprised that the CEO pronounces the name of his company Belle-voir. If it is named after the Vale of Belvoir in rural Leicestershire, it should be Beaver..There is an impressive Belvoir Castle too.

    Thank you, Paul, for highlighting the Trustpilot reviews. Some of these reviews are truly awful. 76% of reviewers give only one star out of five.

  • Well done Paul and Dorian. A very interesting and informative interview. As an existing shareholder for a number of years, I am always impressed by Dorian’s knowledge of the sector and his business, and Paul did well to encourage an in-depth discussion around a number of key metrics. I added to my holding during recent weakness, so delighted to hear that #BLV having a good start to the current year.

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