Cerillion (CER) – CEO interview – 2 Nov 2022

Paul Scott interviews Louis Hall, founder/CEO of telco software company, Cerillion.

Continuing my series of CEO interviews, where I approach companies that are performing particularly well. Revenues & profits have shot up at Cerillion since 2020, and its founder/CEO Louis Hall explains how various factors have come together to create a big opportunity for this software company specialising in providing mission-critical services for telcos globally.

Please note this interview is for general interest, and is NOT advice or a recommendation. This is an independent interview – no fee was charged, and Paul does not have any personal shareholding in the company.


  • Mmm. Mmjj

  • Thank you so much for a brilliant interview. This gave me a much clearer understanding of the Company, which I’ve held since Nov. 2020 when price was 333p. Just wish I’d topped up along the way!

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