Portmeirion (PMP) – CEO interview – 30 March 2023

Paul Scott interviews Mike Raybould, CEO of Portmeirion Group – owner, and manufacturer of famous pottery and homeware brands.

Please note this interview is for general interest, and is NOT advice or a recommendation. This is an independent interview – no fee was charged. Paul does have a personal shareholding in the company. These interviews are for general interest, not a commercial enterprise.

2022 results impressed me, with the company back up to pre-pandemic level of profits. Yet the market has taken little notice, with the share price still bombed out, and offering obvious value to investors (forward PER of 6.8, and a 5% dividend yield, covered 3x).

See the company’s investor relations website here for a downloadable slide presentation pack, very interesting.

Also see InvestorMeetCompany for a recorded video webinar of recent results.

In this interview I ask Mike about specific topics of interest to me, and I tried not to duplicate too much material available elsewhere.

I hope you find it interesting, and do leave your feedback/comments.


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