Sanderson Design Group (SDG) – CEO interview – 17 Oct 2022

Paul Scott interviews Lisa Montague, CEO of Sanderson Design Group (SDG).

Disclaimers – I did not charge any fee for this interview. I do not hold shares personally in SDG. This podcast is for general interest only, it is NOT financial advice nor a recommendation, so as always, please do your own research.

I’ve been looking forward to this interview, as Sanderson (formerly called Walker Greenbank) seems to me an interesting business, with considerable potential, and brand(s) value.

With a very strong balance sheet, SDG should (in my view) be able to weather any coming economic downturn. Lots of topics covered, and Lisa’s energy & vision come through very well, I think. Anyway, I’m meant to be impartial, so that’s for you to judge!


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