Somero Enterprises (SOM) – CFO & EVP of Sales interview – 7 Sep 2018


Paul Scott interviews John Yuncza (CFO) & Howard Hohmann (Exec VP of Sales) of Somero Enterprises (SOM).

Paul’s previous interview with the company in Jan 2016 is here (audio and transcript)

Shares in the company are listed on AIM. At the current share price of 412p, the market cap is £232m.

Company’s website is here

The company’s most recent interim results, published on 5 Sept 2018 are here.

As usual, most questions were crowd-sourced from Stockopedia SCVR readers.

Disclosures: At the time of publication, Paul does not hold any position in this share. No fee was charged. This audiocast is for general interest only, it is not a shares recommendation. Please do your own research.