Zotefoams (ZTF) – CEO interview – 21 Oct 2022

Paul Scott interviews David Stirling, CEO of Zotefoams (ZTF).

These are my criteria for choosing companies that I ask to do an interview (it’s by invitation only!)

Good recent trading & outlook,

Strong balance sheet,

Good management & strategy, executing well, and

Reasonable share price valuation.

Zotefoam fits the bill, so here I run through some questions with its CEO, David Stirling. Note that he was at a trade show in Germany, so the mobile phone signal wasn’t ideal, apologies for this, but it’s fine I think, we can hear what he says.

A written summary will be posted later on Stockopedia.

Disclaimers – I did not charge any fee for this interview. I do not hold shares personally in ZTF. This podcast is for general interest only, it is NOT financial advice nor a recommendation, so as always, please do your own research.