Corporate Bonds – interview with specialist, Paul Hawkins

Paul Scott interviews corporate bonds specialist, Paul Hawkins. Recent rises in interest rates, and turbulent equity markets, have meant that some investors are looking at corporate bonds as potential investment ideas. Offering more safety than equity, and a predictable income stream, is there any merit in considering investment in bonds? We explore the various aspects in this interview.

NB. This is absolutely not investment advice. Bonds can be complex, and is best left to the experts, if you don’t have relevant expertise.

Paul Hawkins has specialised in corporate bonds, in senior city roles, for most of his career.

Tamzin at PIWorld interviewed Paul in this outstanding video (below) from June 2020, which I suggest you watch first, as my audio interview tries not to overlap too much with this.

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  • Chris Perry

    Thank you Paul for doing the interview, and thanks to Paul Hawkins for sharing his knowledge. It’s a good intro to bonds. The ISINs of the two Saga bonds are XS1610655950 and XS2357117881. gives basic info about them. Don’t forget that when you buy bonds you pay the accrued interest.

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