Paul Scott interviews Richard Crow

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It’s almost 6 years since I last did a podcast with renowned investor Richard Crow, who continues to have a highly successful career as a private investor. This time, we went way over time, but who cares, as it’s interesting! I forgot the disclaimers – we are not giving financial advice, this is purely personal opinions. Please always do your own research.

Shares discussed are :

TheWorks (WRKS)

Shoezone (SHOE)

Card Factory (CARD)

Foxtons (FOXT)

Xaar (XAR)

Chapel Down (CDGP)

DrMartens (DOCS)

Sosandar (SOS)

Quiz (QUIZ)

Joules (JOUL)

I think Richard owns all these shares. Paul owns Quiz and Joules.


  • Bryan Coombe

    Great stuff Paul. Always save it for a long walk. After you mentioning Warpaint last week I had real good look at. I love it. No debt, cash, simple, track record.
    Ta Bryan

  • Great stuff – I find all these very enjoyable.
    As mentioned above someone – can you get yourself onto a podcast streaming service?
    There is a Paul Scott on Apple Podcasts but he is a fireman – he offered me no market insights!

    • Thanks Mark! Yes, I will get onto a podcast service at some point, but we’re just trialling these first, to see if I can keep up with the schedule of a weekly recording. So far, so good, I’m enjoying doing them, and am encouraged by the listener feedback 🙂

  • Excellent podcast Paul and Richard,

    Ideal length and content, good to hear the depth of Richard’s research.

    Please keep them coming.

  • Fantastic interview. Reassured by his view at the moment, and some good possible turnaround there.

  • Super job Paul. Always love listening to the thoughts of Richard – really great listen and some super ideas to go away and research. Keep up the good work.

  • Really enjoyed the podcast..great take on some beaten down companies..Richard’s dive into sorting out the wheat from chaff was spot on.
    Get him back in 6 months (not 6 years)

  • Thankyou to you both. Very enjoyable. Please keep them coming…

  • Michael Tuckman

    CR and Paul.

    Very interesting. Thanks.
    Was wondering how many positions Richard holds?

    Michael Tee

  • Thanks Paul, I am a big admirer of Richard ever since he recommended stocks such as Redde Northgate and Polar Capital . Think of the stocks mentioned today, my two favourites are Works and Shoe. Please keep these excellent podcasts coming
    Cheers Keith

  • Nathan Wynne

    Love this sort of podcasts, great for listening whilst driving, walking etc.

    Would love to be able to subscribe somewhere though, it would definitely would be added to my subscription list.

    I’ve done a search on Spotify for it, and also via your website but can only seem to be able to download and not stream via a podcast service.

    Oh, also enjoy your input on Stockopedia too.

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