Globo (GBO) – my archive of bearish articles

There were numerous red flags with the AIM-listed Greek fraud, Globo (GBO).

Readers of my SCVR articles on Stockopedia were warned numerous times from as early as Jan 2013, that the accounts didn’t stack up, and that there were various other serious red flags, which made Globo shares completely uninvestable.

It is important that investors learn from this episode, and spot the warning signs in future for other AIM-listed frauds, of which sadly there will be many, due to a completely ineffective regulatory regime, and lack of enforcement or punishment, which makes AIM a magnet for fraudsters all over the world, and brings the entire UK financial system into (further) disrepute.

Therefore, so that the history is not lost into the annals, I have collated all my articles on Globo into one easy-to-read 29 page document, which is below. Or you can open it in Google Docs by clicking on this link.