Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to QualitySmallCaps.co.uk

My name is Paul Scott, UK small caps investor, commentator/blogger/analyst.

The purpose of this site is to hold the content that I create for UK small caps investors, in audio & transcript format. Also, I will pull together my other content, such as the infamous Bargepole List, and interesting investor videos.

I really enjoy, and learn so much from interviewing successful investors, and company CEOs, and want to spend more of my time creating such content. Therefore I am creating this website to collect all my sundry content together.

The focus is all on quality, hence the site name;

Quality investors – I only interview people that are successful real-world investors – people that I’ve known for years, and that I’ve personally verified make good money overall, consistently. So don’t call me. If I want to interview you, I’ll call you!

Quality companies – I’m not usually interested in talking to CEOs of jam tomorrow companies. I only interview companies that (rightly or wrongly) look sensible to me. However, the onus is on you to decide what you think. So my interviews are informational only, not advisory, which is true of all content on this site.

Quality comments – abusive, or advfn-style nutcase people are not welcome here, and will be deleted. Be polite, and talk about stocks, not other posters. If you abuse other people, or bitch about personalities, then you’ll be zapped – stay on advfn, I don’t want you here. Discussion here is for sensible, and polite people. who want to discuss stocks, not people who want to have an online trolling session.

Do Your Own Research – this site is purely for information & personal views. It is NOT trying to give advice or recommendations. Please challenge us on stocks, debate things, that’s what we want. YOU make the decisions on your portfolio, not us. So you will NEVER get buy or sell advice from us here.

At some point in the future, the aim is to expand and make this a (modest) subscription website, in order to cover my costs, time, secretarial & IT support, and to pay guest writers. For now though, it’s free, and let’s see what develops! If people like it, I’ll create more content. If you don’t, then I’ll spend my time doing other things, and it will wither away. So far though, people seem to enjoy my content on AudioBoom, so over time I’ll be migrating that content over here.

NB. This site in no way detracts from my ongoing work at Stockopedia, producing the notoriously blunt Small Cap Value Reports every working day, which will continue for as long as Stockopedia will have me. Although it’s a lot of work, I love writing those reports each morning, giving a view on the day’s small cap results & trading updates. Also it is wonderful to be associated with Stockopedia, and the geniuses behind it.

I will just put my other bits & bobs into this site, and hopefully at some stage earn a bit of an income from it, if people like what I’m doing & are prepared to pay for it.

Regards, Paul Scott.