Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 16

Paul Scott’s regular weekly recap of the Small Cap Value Reports (now in its 10th year!)

Lots of interesting, good value companies. So I’m bullish on good quality small caps, which are really cheap, but am very worried about the macro picture- particularly because of inept Govt & Bank of England behaviour, and the risk of a global financial crisis (most of these problems are global remember, something the UK media rarely report).

I forgot to say in the podcast, this week’s star contributor to the Stockopedia discussion is RDHOWARTH! Thanks for some superb macro/markets commentary, it was terrific! Lots of other fantastic reader comments this week, thanks to everyone who has contributed positively. In bear markets, we should be mutually supportive, and kind to each other, which the vast majority of the Stockopedia community are.

Best wishes, Paul.


  • Paul,
    Another great podcast – really enjoying listening to these. Agree with Michael, it’s the honest and authentic nature of your delivery that makes them so good.
    They make my Monday morning drive to work enjoyable!
    Keep up the great work, Rich

  • Love your podcasts and insights Paul. But what really makes the podcasts is your honesty.
    I also think it helps a lot of investors who are struggling in this bear market to hear that you are finding it difficult too.
    “I usually sit down to Question Time with a bottle of wine.” – perfect!

    • Thanks Michael! Yes, I just tell things as they are, warts & all. It’s better for me (cathartic), and helps other people, knowing that they’re not the only one struggling. These are tough times, but we’ll get through it! πŸ™‚ Best wishes, Paul.

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