Small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 11 (part 1 of 2) for 2023 – company results

Paul comments on 48 UK small caps releasing results/TUs this week, covered in this week’s Small Cap Value Reports on Stockopedia. One mystery share this week, for subscribers only. Plenty of other interesting share ideas for you to research in greater depth, if they appeal to you. Never recommendations, these are just quick reviews of many companies, to throw ideas at you, for your own research.

There wasn’t enough time for macro comments, so I’ll do a separate part 2 podcast for that. Interesting times of course, with banking turmoil dominating the news again, and markets under pressure. All caused by central banks foolishly unwinding 14 years of zero interest rates far too quickly & aggressively, which is hitting asset values, and revealing the cracks in the financial sector’s weaker participants.


  • Your podcasts for this week failed to load on Amazon. seems to be corrupted.

  • Thank you Paul. The companies that caught my ear included Wickes Group (WIX) and Pendragon (PDG). No dividend at PDG but they’re reducing debt nicely.

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