Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 11

Paul’s usual weekly recap on UK small caps. As always, these are just personal opinions, not recommendations or advice.

It’s been a very distracting week, with the new PM Liz Truss announced, a major package of support & supply side reforms announced for the energy crisis. Then of course, towards the end of the week, the devastating news that our Queen has died. Put all that together with sleep depravation from dog-sitting, and I didn’t have the most productive of weeks, sorry about that. Roland was covering for Graham this week, and did a sterling job, many thanks to him.

I hope you find this podcast interesting, and do keep leaving your comments, which are always interesting!


  • keep up the good work i think we are entering an interesting time for markets

  • Hi Paul

    Great podcast! Fun and informative/

    Re Spoons, yes some outlets do attract the great unwashed. However round here, Inner Surrey, these venues are not bad at all. Always clean, food good and cheap. Mate of mine reported Greene King IPA at £1.40 something. My local selling equivalent session ale at just under a fiver.

  • Love these podcasts, an oasis of sanity every weekend.
    “No, I’m busy”
    “Oh, breakfast has just arrived!”
    It’s presented so naturally, feels like actually being in the room having a relaxed conversation, with someone who really knows their stuff.
    The points you were making about turning points were interesting and you mentioned the vaccine roll-out as a prior example. I really do think the fuel compensation scheme could be one such, turning points are never as obvious at the time as they become in hindsight!

  • Thanks again Paul for another good listen, and for getting it done despite the news this week.

    Funny you should mention the Angel Wetherspoon’s. That used to be a regular for me when I worked in the area a few years back, and sparked my affinity for ‘spoons. They may be rough and ready but a lot of them are in very interesting buildings, and to be honest I like the down to earth atmosphere. I still revisit the Angel from time to time so I’ll look out for you next time!

  • Cheers Paul. I hope the market research at JDW wasn’t too taxing! I visited recently and noticed the meal deals are now not so cheap, but still attractive enough in comparison to elsewhere for me anyway, especially when eating out as a family.

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