Small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 12 (part 2 of 2) for 2023 – macro news/views

Is the banking turmoil receding? Possibly, we don’t know. Lots of other interesting snippets that I picked up over the week. Overall, as explained, I see positive signs, which combined with bombed out small cap valuations, means we’re seeing bargains galore. But the ever-present risk of profit warnings means it won’t be plain sailing.

As always, just my views, which are sometimes right, sometimes wrong. Never advice or recommendations, you must do your own research, thanks.


  • I would echo views above Paul — informative, forthright and entertaining with no b*ll*cks

  • Great stuff Paul. Looking forward to the Gozo tapes

  • Hi Paul

    Thank-you for the two part podcast. It really works very well in my opinion.

    I have always enjoyed your macro views over the years. On days when there are no companies reporting that interest me, I would nevertheless seek out your reports for any of your general economic comments.

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