Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 12

Paul’s weekly recap on UK small caps. As always, these are just personal opinions, not recommendations or advice.

Graham and I reported on dozens of company results this week, in the Small Cap Value Reports on

Correction: slip of the tongue unfortunately, in the last few seconds I said, “We’ll make money in the next bear market” – of course I meant to say the next bull market! Apologies.


  • Thanks Paul, I’m a fellow Stockopedia subscriber. I’m enjoying your Podcasts. Thanks for producing.
    Kind regards Paul M

  • Great podcast again Paul – thanks.

  • thanks for the name check, Paul.

    Maybe the broker has gone out on a limb, ventured a little, to cut the Portmeirion forecast so far. We have the important Christmas trading season to come.

    Portmeirion has always articulated a reluctance to forecast AT ALL as they never know what sort of Christmas they are going to get.

    North America is Portmeirion’s most important market and the dollar is very strong against the pound. Freight costs have come down and it appears that energy is calming also. Portmeirion has typically updated on the FY in the second week of January. Could a perception change be delivered with that RNS? We’ve not got too long to wait.

    There are things to moan about here but a LOT of negativity is in the price. I think that the tableware offering is more relevant than the candles but boy, have those brands endured.

    It’s profitablity over recent years just prove its resilience and merit. I think it deserves a higher P/E rating, simple as that!

    • Another fascinating podcast, Paul. Thank you. I look forward to your weekly podcasts, now an essential part of my weekend. Despite being clobbered this year by my small caps I have just made a modest donation to ZANE as a token of appreciation for your efforts. My misfortunes are pathetic compared to the tragically poor citizens of Zimbabwe. Hopefully I will be in a position to donate more when the next bull market comes along!

      • I am in the same boat Clive and too donate to Zane…I would encourage as many people as possible to support Zane and its the least we can do to show appreciation for Paul.

  • Love the podcast, thank you. Curious if you have ever looked into Saietta group #SED? Electric motors & inverters manufacturers for motorbikes, boats & buses. Explosive growth and profitable next year. Thanks, Paul

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