Small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 13 (part 1 of 2) for 2023 – company results

Paul’s weekly podcast, summarising the Small Cap Value Reports on

I’ve been on holiday this week, in Gozo, so Graham and Roland wrote the shortened Good Friday week’s SCVRs, many thanks to them for terrific work!

I give my take on several companies, including the profit warning from D4T4, and results from Saga, where I run through the debt/assets position, which lots of people seem to be unduly worried about. I explain in this podcast why such worries are probably overblown.

See part 2 for macro/markets news & views.

As always, my output is all just personal opinions, not advice, and it’s fine to disagree, that’s what makes a market! We get some things right, and some wrong, because the future is unknowable. Hence please always do your own research, and make your own decisions.

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