Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 13

Paul’s usual weekly recap from Stockopedia’s long-running Small Cap Value Reports, and some general market commentary.

Another chaotic week on global markets, with a sell-off in everything, triggered by Fed’s aggressive interest rate rises, and the ongoing energy crisis. Yet Graham and I still found several interesting small caps that are trading well, and look cheap.


  • Well done Paul! You are for me and a lot of others the most credible stock market commentator.

  • Excellent podcast again Paul – I think your work here is great. I’m a Stockopedia subscriber and don’t mind at all if you publish as much detail as you think fit in your podcasts.

  • Cheers Paul. That made what would have been a boring hour at work a whole lot more enjoyable. I think though you need to work on that jingle for the mystery shares ;D

  • Thanks for doing these Paul Great to hear your thoughts in Podcast as well as on Stockopedia

  • Excellent again, Paul.

    Away from smallcaps, the FTSE 250 is down at levels not seen since the vaccine announcement of November 2020. It would need to increase by around 30% to return to the all-time high that it hit this time last year.

    Ramsden’s trading statement expected early October.

  • Great stuff again Paul, thanks. I’m glad you never manage to stick to your 30 minute target ;D

  • Paul, you’re a feckin hero doing this week in week out – It’s really appreciated.

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