Small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 14 (part 1 of 2) for 2023 – company results

Paul rattles through numerous small cap results & trading updates issued this week.

Paul & Graham covered numerous company updates in this week’s Small Cap Value Reports on Stockopedia. Here’s the weekend summary of those shares.

As always, please remember that we’re only doing quick reviews of each company, so you need to do much more detailed research of your own, before investing in anything. We never give recommendations, just our opinions, which might turn out to be wrong or right in the longer term, because things constantly change.

Thanks for listening, and if you like our work, then please consider becoming a donor for ZANE, my favourite humanitarian aid charity, saving & improving lives for the truly destitute (through no fault of their own) in Zimbabwe. I (Paul) went to Zimbabwe in 2019, to see first hand the work ZANE does, and it’s truly inspirational. Even a donation of just £15 per month will literally keep someone alive, with food and basic medicines they would otherwise not be able to afford.

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  • Mark Clenshaw

    Hi Paul

    I entirely agree with you re ZANE. A super little charity doing a great job and filling a real need. I have supported them for some years now and intend continuing to do so. For anyone not knowing them, ZANE is a UK registered and managed charity, Very low overheads and backed by some very respectable names so we can be reassured that our money is going to be well spent.



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