Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 14

Paulโ€™s usual weekly recap from Stockopediaโ€™s long-running Small Cap Value Reports. My attempts to make this shorter have failed, because there were so many interesting companies to cover, including 2 new “mystery” shares! (these are my best ideas for your further research & consideration, never recommendations remember).


  • Thanks Paul. Not sure where this came from, but here goes.

    There’s a geezer called Paul Scott,
    A stock tipper he is not,
    More an enthusiastic commentator,
    And balance sheet interegator,
    Working for Stockopedia,
    A walking talking small cap encyclopaedia,
    He looks for gold amongst the dirt,
    Helping PIs to keep their shirt,
    NEXT & XPF might be worth a look,
    MADE & GLAN should get the hook,
    Buy low sell high is his game,
    Getting it right brings riches & fame,
    Sadly sometimes we all get it wrong,
    But we’ll make it back when the bull turns & we go long.

  • Thanks Paul.

  • “…that doesn’t sound mysterious enough…”
    Brilliant. Paul, you’re a comic genius! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to part 2.

    • LOL thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed my little joke! It’s rather dry material, so I like to inject a bit of silliness every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

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