Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 17

Paul Scott’s recap of UK small caps – results & trading updates.

We’re finding numerous good companies at the moment, often at attractive valuations. Here I run through some of the companies that we covered this week, leaving the 2 best ideas for Stockopedia subscribers, as they pay me to do the research!

As always, please remember none of this is advice or recommendations, it’s just my personal opinions, which will sometimes be wrong, and sometimes right, because we don’t know what will happen in future. Please always do your own research, my stuff is just the initial ideas, for you to then do more in-depth work on.


  • always excellent, Paul.

    ASOS shares spent a decade completely overpriced! Now NEXT have moved in and are eating their lunch by acting as a portal for brands and brands can set up their own websites and previously boring incumbent bricks and mortar operators are getting their act together online e.g. M&S.

  • Hi Paul,
    Just a short note to say I love your Podcasts and listen every week. I’m a long term Stockopedia subscriber and read your small cap reports daily. I prefer to listen/read the views of others rather than regularly make a lot of noise about my own investment views so you will rarely see me comment in the small cap report so I thought I should make a effort and let you know how much I value and enjoy your contributions

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