Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 18

Paul Scott’s weekly recap of the Small Cap Value Reports on

Graham and I wrote about 27 companies this week, with the usual smattering of profit warnings, and out-performing companies too.

There’s no mystery share this week, although the best one I looked at was Cerillion (CER), I’ll be publishing a CEO interview with that company on Tuesday 1 Nov 2022.

Plus towards the end of this podcast I do my usual review of macro/markets news, which seems pretty negative – with major economies now seemingly headed into recession. Despite this, there’s been a big rally in US markets, with some of that rubbing off on smaller caps. But is this rally sustainable with so much more bad news on the horizon? I have my doubts.

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  • Thanks Martin & Stephen, I greatly appreciate feedback, and your views 🙂

  • Thanks for another good listen Paul. These are a fixture for me every weekend!

  • Stephen Brown

    Great stuff, Paul, thank you. Hope you enjoyed the curry! I agree the indicators are pointing towards a recession but I see restaurants and gastro pubs full of people with no sign that money is tight Who knows, maybe it will be a short lived recession and of course markets are forward looking. Trying to be optimistic here and knowing no one will ring a bell when the market hits the bottom!

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