Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 20

Paul Scott’s monologue on the week’s Small Cap Value Reports from Stockopedia, plus macro news

[Correction: Bit of a clanger, sorry about this. I was given wrong information about the shares buyback from FRAS. It’s not £3bn, it’s actually a maximum of £70m. There’s no way I can style that out, it was just a cock up, and I should have checked the figures. Profuse apologies! Thanks to Andrew for flagging up my mistake.]

This week was characterised by a big rally – as inflation, and interest rate expectations have eased. Is this the start of a stock market recovery, or just another bear market rally? I’m cautious, given that a likely recession (and hence profits fall) is probably only starting. That said, many small caps are extremely attractively priced.

As always, nothing in this podcast is advice or recommendations, just my personal opinions – which sometimes turn out to be wrong, sometimes right.

I appreciate any feedback, so please feel welcome to leave comments about companies or macro, or these podcasts more generally.

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