Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 22

Paul’s recap of the week’s UK small caps news, plus some macro comments. Rather long-winded, apologies!

Another really busy week, with loads of companies covered in the Small Cap Value Reports on Stockopedia.

In the macro section I also flag up pension schemes, problems with bank borrowings, shareholder votes, profit warnings, interest rates peaking?, de-listing risk, cyclicality of earnings, accuracy of broker forecasts, and lots of other points.

As always thanks again to the Stockopedia community for some excellent discussions this week!


  • You had me worried for a moment Paul – thought you had sold your Jag!

  • When all the charts look the same Paul, it is just another way of saying correlations are high. This is completely consistent with macro driven markets given an overall change in sentiment. Theoretically shares should remain relatively (to each other) priced but a repricing has taken place.

    • True! But is it another bear market bounce, or the start of a new bull market? That’s the tricky bit isn’t it.

      • A really good article about this in Stockopedia on Sunday by Edmund Shing looking at the evidence whether this was a bear rally or the start of a bull run.
        Great podcast Paul, very entertaining and so interesting and informative.
        You mention Seraphine (BUMP). It has become very cheap, I think fear of it being taken private may be influencing retail investors to avoid the stock. However it is a market cap of just under 6m and is not looking likely to go bust (based on BUMP going concern assessments of various scenarios), and in a way the potential to take private puts a floor under the price, its not a total wipe out. They wouldn’t get the shares for free and if they were going to do it they would do it well before zero. However the upside on these is multi-bag so good risk-reward IMHO.
        Interestingly their Trustpilot ratings have crossed over with Sosandar (SOS). In fact Sosandar are getting a pasting from customers. You could infer, if you wanted to, they are getting too much business to cope with it all. But for whatever reason customer service seems to have become very poor of late which is not good for the brand.

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