Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 25

This week Paul and Graham reported on 41 small caps which updated the market with results or trading updates. Plenty of interesting ideas, and plenty of stuff to avoid too! The main things to avoid are any companies which need to raise fresh cash, from a position of weakness – Trackwise was a good example of the risk, with a fundraise at a 92% discount – bad luck to holders, but it was flagged as a big risk by Graham almost 6 months ago.

As usual, we’re just giving our opinions on shares, which will sometimes be wrong, and sometimes right, same as everyone.

Correction: I mis-spoke in the Sosandar (SOS) section, saying revenues of £2m. I meant profits of £2m forecast for FY 3/2023.

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  • A brilliant podcast, lots of ideas for research. React is interesting and small cap expert Chris Mills is a significant shareholder in react and react operate a buy and build strategy and only worry is they raise money to fund takeovers and not from organic growth. React is one to keep a eye on and directors got good skin in the game and in a good sector in cleaning with covid about,Please keep up your good work and take care and Happy Christmas

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