Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 5

Paul Scott’s weekly roundup of small caps results/updates, and general market comments.

As always, these are just my personal opinions, never financial advice. We all get some share ideas right, and plenty wrong too. Our ethos at Stockopedia is all about everyone doing your own research, not relying on others.

I don’t know how many people are listening to these podcasts, so keep the feedback coming in the comments below, which helps to motivate me if it’s positive!

I will look into getting these podcasts onto a podcast platform. please bear with me. I’m still trialling them, but have got into a routine now, and think I can keep going longer term with them, so we’ll move on to the next stage with a proper podcast service shortly. Actually, as a non-techy, I’d appreciate anyone knowledgeable recommending a good podcast distribution platform to use. I’m looking for something very simple & easy to use, which will publish it on all the main podcast platforms for me. Audioboom is one possibility, anyone know others? Want to avoid naff ads being added, if possible!

Best wishes, Paul Scott.

P.S. If you are able to, and enjoy this content, I very much appreciate any donations to my favourite charity, ZANE, helping destitute people in Zimbabwe. There’s a Paypal donate button on the right. Thanks.


  • When brokers could bundle research charging up with commissions it led to an understatement of the true cost of fund management to the beneficial owners e.g. pension investors.

    Two funds: one is execution only in all of its trades with the market and gets no research from the broker. The other gets research from the broker and believe me, they would often offer lots of other lovely stuff e.g. market data terminals etc.

    Both funds advertise a 1.5% management fee and the unit holder thus thinks: “ah I don’t want a machine picking stocks for me, I want some economics grad City genius, I know what I’m going for.”

    First fund takes £1,000 of your money, buys 998 shares in ACME at £1 each and pays the broker £2 commission. At the end of the year a 1.5% of AUM fee is taken

    Second fund takes £1,000 of your money, buys 997 shares in ACME at £1 each but has to pay the broker £3, £2 of which is to execute the trade and the other £1 is for all the other lovely ‘relationship’ stuff that the broker provides (tickets to Wimbledon etc.). It pays this higher rate of commission on every trade. At the end of the year a 1.5% of AUM fee is taken.

    The first fund will deliver much better returns than the second but with less money being siphoned off by the City. The new rules were intended to address that so that investors were given a fair picture on how much the investment manager was really costing them.

    It appears to be working, with many fund management groups taking research costs at the Group level rather than burdening individual unit holders.

  • Cliff Hughes

    Hi Paul, very much enjoyed this week as always. As a sometime producer of Podcasts myself and if you are willing to pay a modest amount might I suggest Buzzsprout? This would certainly help with quality and for your down the line interviews.

    I might also say that as a regular user of TGI’s I have noticed recently a slight falling off of service levels at my local quite large branch. I suspect they may be finding it harder to retain staff in the current environment. Customer levels also seemed slightly lower,(this was midweek early evening)


  • Thanks Paul – didn’t mind the “ramblings” at all

  • Martyn Vickery

    Another great podcast Paul – please keep them going, and I enjoy the general talk and preamble.

  • MrContrarian

    Good stuff Paul.
    Here’s a site with instructions on how to get your poscast onto Apple, Amazon, Spotify and others

  • I was reading SCVR while listening to the podcast but did you really say that a flat GDPR when there is 10% inflation means that the economy is growing by 10% ?

    • FREng: GDP point.

      It could if you see a growing economy in nominal GDP terms but look at the Real GDP i.e. flat Real GDP with 10% inflation has a nominal GDP growth of 10%. Unadjusted revenues of companies are what feeds Nominal GDP.

      I’m not sure Paul got his words out clearly – but understood what he means.

  • Another good podcast Paul, and don’t worry about the length and the ramblings.

  • Mark Clenshaw

    Hi Paul

    Please don’t worry re your general comments overrunning. They bring a good flavour to the week’s podcast and entertaining too..
    good stuff.

    Best, Mark

  • Steve Holdsworth

    Hi Paul,

    I really enjoy reading the SCVRs during the week and listening to the podcasts on Sunday. Keep up the great work.


  • Really enjoyed again, esp the lengthy macro intro. Agree with your comments on them (not) being “tips” too. As an MD & PI I find them useful to get an investor / analyst perspective but only as a taster to DYOR. I hold #PCIP & been researching so couple more notes (imho not a tip!). Finncap forecasts seem low to me. If u annualise H2 it looks like c10% growth v 60% just achieved. My understanding is the patent case relates to a specific product not driving revenue growth. US also issued another patent since (not related). They may raise for growth but at run rate shouldnt need to (dont mind if they do). Semaphone (Sycurio) CEO who raised the claim also recently replaced. Case not likely to be heard until ‘’24 so maybe settled/ withdrawn? Director buying at c59p in March encouraging too. All imho. Keep up the great work

  • As requested. Pleased about these podcasts. I don’t crunch numbers to the extent that a Stockopedia subscription is worthwhile and am not interested in accessing opinion instantly. So, these reprises suit me down to the ground.
    Ta Muchly.
    I know you are interested in on-line clothing. On LSE there is a poster on BOO called ragtrade. He is in the business and his posts can be superb. The bulletin board as a whole is, of course, awful but you can search on his posts.
    Say thank you

  • Great as always!

  • Paul Dempsey

    Thanks Paul really appreciate your comments on the scvr. This podcast is a bonus for me as I don’t always get the time to read all the excellent material you and Graham put out. Please keep going with it as it’s a real benefit with your general market thought and individual company analysis. Great work thanks.

  • Enjoying the podcasts Paul.

    “Getting these podcasts onto a podcast platform” – perhaps worth noting that readers can just add the website address into their podcasting app. I use AntennaPod and this lets me receive new episodes as expected.

    • Thanks Ben, that’s really useful info. I’ve just added the url of this website into Google Podcasts, and much to my amazement, it’s worked! So Google will now notify me of new episodes. Obviously as I make the content, then I know when new episodes are published LOL! But a very useful pointer for everyone else, many thanks!

      • This is a great tip, I have just added the url into the feed in the Probean app and it brings up all your recent podcasts. Never you you could do that. Cheers

        Love the podcasts as I don’t always have time to read all the reports. It’s great if you flag up things that I may have missed and are worth going back to look at.

    • Steve Holdsworth

      Hello Paul,

      I very much enjoy reading the SCVRs during the week and listening to the podcasts on Sunday mornings. Keep up the great work.


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