Small Caps Podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 8

My usual weekly recap on UK small caps. As always, I’m just an enthusiastic commentator, not a guru. Some of my ideas will turn out to be wrong, and some right, so you must Do Your Own Research (DYOR) please. I disclose in the audio where I have a personal holding in any share discussed.

Lots of interesting companies this week – I talk about several profit warnings, and also some little companies doing well. Lots of negative macro news this week, and the energy crisis is obviously worsening.

I don’t get any data on how many people listen to these podcasts, so please do leave a comment below on likes/dislikes/suggestions, or your own views on companies discussed. Thanks!

EDIT: 21 Aug – re CINE, I forgot about the big legal case against it, which is a claim of c.£1bn (a potential unsecured creditor) re its aborted takeover of Cineplex. Hence insolvency might be a way to extinguish this liability, and then refinance the business within a newco. I focused on lease liabilities in the podcast, but forgot about this legal case, which is more likely to be the key reason why debt for equity swap as a solvent solution wouldn’t be desirable to the debt holders. So another reason why the equity looks worth zero. Many thanks to Alun pointing for pointing this out to me, via today’s Sunday Times.


  • Enjoyed your summary of the small cap week. Also found it useful to go back and re-listen to earlier ones.

  • Nicholas Slater

    Thanks Paul
    Can I just say what a wonderful man you are.
    You are one of life’s winners ,giving your time and expertise away like this x

  • Thanks Paul,

    I’ve sadly let my Stockopedia subscription lapse for now, so am pleased to find this on Google podcasts.
    Jupiter has been selling off in THG, too, and this week the share price has seen all time lows.

    All the best

  • Peter Ritchie

    A great reminder did the week, useful when planning the coming week. Even if the plan is do nothing.


  • Peter Stevens

    I like these high quality podcasts because they “force” me to look at stuff I often skip through in the written reports thinking I’m not interested. Has sent me down a couple of hopefully profitable avenues. I also love the personal psychological honesty….. Slightly miss the phonetic alphabet. Could be a good party game. How many ways to do SAGA can you come up with in 30 seconds.

    I have finally listened to you on and bailed. I wish I’d taken more notice of your sceptically arched eyebrow at lunch in December when I told you I’d invested . Thanks. Peter

  • Another great small cap weekly summary Paul. Enjoyed this one from a lounger in Croatia but they are also a regular “drive to work” podcast, please keep them going!

  • Another great summary of the small cap week Paul! Enjoyed this one in 2 chunks from a lounger in Croatia, but it’s also a regular “drive to work” podcast item too.. Please do keep these going!

  • Hi Paul

    Enjoyed that, tks


  • Hi Paul

    At risk of repeating others’ comments, please keep up the good work.

    I was pleased to see the ZANE link continuing on your front page. A really worthwhile small charity. I try to bung them a few quid whenever I have a little to spare..



  • Super commentary Paul – I follow the small cap report on Stockopedia but your podcast adds a bit of a different dimension as I can go into the company in stockopedia and follow your comments on the fundamentals which increases my learning. Please keep it up !!!!

  • Hi Paul.

    A little off topic from your excellent podcast but I was wondering how your autobiography is progressing ? I’m hoping Covid gave the opportunity to move it forward. I’ve been watching for it for several years (in fact since you first mentioned you were doing it) as I want to give it as a xmas present to a fellow investor. So I guess the question is … ill it be out by this coming xmas ?


    • Hi Paul,

      Yes I very much enjoyed this podcast. It’s challenging talking to a blank screen for 40 odd mins, I know I have to do the same on Teams meetings every day.

      Interesting times for sure however paying off debt in lieu of holding equities is starting to look a lot more like a sensible move. I assume many others will be thinking the same particularly those like me who are on sub 2% mortgage fixes. Very luckily I’ve got 3.5 years to run on it but I do know some people falling off their fixes and onto 40/50% higher rates currently.

      This could create quite an interesting backdrop for companies particularly in the uk I suppose.

  • Paul,

    I find your podcasts very informative, helps me use my time for research in areas I wouldn’t ordinarily find myself (e.g. Castings) and covers the SCVRs I’ve missed…

    Your enthusiasm for analysing company data is highly appreciated from this listener.

  • A great summary of the week. Many thanks and keep it going if you can.

  • Hi Paul,
    I enjoy your Podcasts and find them a great addition to the daily SCVR – please keep them coming.
    Best regards

  • I also enjoy the Podcasts and wonder whether you maybe interested in having your own podcast on Apple and other platforms ? Although you advise you can type the url in your normal podcast platform, is does not work for me .
    Particularly enjoy your summary of macro issues as I do read your daily thoughts on Stockopedia .

  • Thanks Paul, really enjoyed this update.

    Would love to be able to get this pod on apple podcasts.

  • Stumbled across this podcast will definitely be coming back.

  • Stumbled across this podcast will definitely be coming back.

  • A great summary – thanks Paul.

  • Martyn Thomas

    Great podcast again, Paul. Please keep them coming.

  • Thanks again Paul,
    I really like these podcasts, particularly the macro stuff.
    Keep it unedited. It adds to the charm!

  • I think that there was a University of Manchester study some years back looking at AIM IPOs to learn what the best and worst have in common. They looked at every factor such as free float, management holdings etc. and found that the factor most likely to predict success was…. the name of the company’s Nominated Advisor (NOMAD).

    Sincerely, this is an entirely believable outcome.

    Sorry I can’t find a precis:

  • Many thanks Paul, another great listen, it’s great to get somebody else’s macro opinion as well.

  • Jolly good

  • Great review again Paul, always worth a listen and very enjoyable

  • Paul

    Always enjoy listening to your podcasts. You are always passionate and open. Keep ’em coming!


  • Big thumbs up again Paul. IMMO I think is at a tipping point, and has a moat by their land grab at attractions who are unlikely to subsequently change if the offering is delivering, but I do wonder if the “cost of living crisis” will impact on them as families scale back on day trips out. Still quite seasonal too, but if they can increase installs south of the equator that should help smooth out returns over the year. Re. XPF: I wonder when you recently discussed with management did they mention how they were handling the increasing fuel costs? On the spin side I guess these increasing costs may help take out some of the weaker competitors. Thanks again. Z

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the podcasts, I now listen to them each weekend, also thank you for your honesty when talking about your own investing.

    Kind regards


  • Thanks for all the comments everyone, I won’t reply individually, but all are much appreciated, as it motivates me to keep doing more podcasts, knowing that people find them interesting! Also, now I’m more practised at them, they’re fun to do, and not a chore at all – it’s a nice way to recap on the week’s events, and pick out the key issues, which can otherwise easily get lots in the daily churn of looking at so many companies (I cover about 500 in total!).
    Thanks for listening & being supportive! Do spread the word too, as the more the merrier, in terms of listeners & commenters.
    Best wishes, Paul.

  • On behalf of the silent majority… many thanks.
    Don’t let it become a chore though. Take a break if needs be.

  • Paul – Another excellent and balanced podcast. Please keep them coming.

    You mentioned a value company you are topping up on – Ceraphene??? CUMP??. I can’t find it from the ticker, so could you verify name or ticker, so I can research?

    Many thanks

  • Stephen Brown

    I really enjoy these podcasts, even on the companies I am not particularly interested in your approach and analysis is enlightening and a lot can be learned. Your accountancy background also shows, and the quick reviews of balance sheets, inventories, leases, types of debt etc is second to none.
    Love the macro thoughts too. On fuel prices, some companies do have fixed price agreements, I think Revolution Bars do, I’ll have to check how long this runs, over the winter hopefully, as updated pricing could represent a huge step up!
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • we’re listening Paul, thanks for all your work!

  • Heartfelt thanks for all your efforts Paul. These podcasts are a wonderful way to summarise the week and allow time-poor private investors some extra ammunition in the constant battle to make good investment decisions. Your enthusiasm really shines through and I do hope that you can continue with them.

  • Really enjoy listening to these podcasts Paul and as a long term stocko subscriber these definitely add value. At some point it will be time to buy the market but I think this bear market still has some time to run sadly and can see lows tested again in the Autumn. Market is forward looking and news and outlook is dire. Cheers.

  • Neville Austin

    Hi Paul,
    I want you to know just how much I enjoy and appreciate your podcasts, even though I do read every SCVR I enjoy these recordings and I do hope that you are able to continue making them.
    Best regards from Neville

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