Small caps podcast with Paul Scott – Episode 11 (part 2 of 2) for 2023 – macro news & views

With banking turmoil once again dominating & impacting markets, Paul runs through the issues that have been topical this week – banks, supply chains, inflation, volatile stock markets, upside potential from rebuilding margins, rising interest rates, you name it!

As always, these are just my views & news that has caught my eye. I’m a generalist, not an expert on macro stuff, but it’s all interesting to follow, and discuss.

At the moment, I think the problems look surmountable, and am not panicking. But that depends on what happens in future. So a strategy of sitting safely in cash also clearly has merit, to protect capital. Each to our own!


  • Great as always Paul, having the macro news/ views separate works better for me…..(plus we get two ‘Byee’s’)

  • I prefer the macro but so thumbs up from me.

  • Hi Paul,

    Really enjoyed the new format. Has been great listening whilst holidaying in Thailand πŸ™‚

    I don’t ordinarily have the time to read the daily SCVR so use this to loop back and look at any businesses that pique my interest.

    Keep up the really great work.

  • Reading Stockopedia i hear there are thousands of tiny usa banks i ask myself why they need so many? Asking for trouble as they are used to low interest rates now the opposite of their business models. How many uk banks 50?

  • Thanks Paul. Nice to have separate macro discussion as I read the daily updates on Stocko each day so with limited free time at weekends like to step back and mull the big picture instead.

  • Jonathan Nigel Edward Merrick

    Thanks Paul – very sanguine outlook. Enjoyable presentation as usual.

  • Brilliant most enjoyable

  • hi Paul, great to have two parts this week! Listened to the first this morning, will listen to this one over coffee tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Spoiling us with a double header. Thanks Paul.

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