Tom Salmon of Spreadex answers your questions


Readers of the Small Cap Value Report on (which I, Paul Scott, co-author with Graham Neary) often discuss spread betting on small caps. Spreadex are the market leader in small caps spread betting. So I had a brainwave – I’ll invite Spreadex to do a Q&A session with me over the phone.

NB. spread betting can be very high risk, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Losses can exceed deposits. I am definitely NOT recommending that anyone spread bets – it is really only suitable for experienced investors, who know what they’re doing, and have a strict risk management process. I got into a dreadful mess with spread betting in 2008, which we mention in this audiocast, so I very much learned my lessons the hard way. Hopefully, by being open about that episode, I can help other people avoid the pitfalls which caused me such a headache.

Many thanks for the 26 questions submitted by SCVR readers. I managed to fit in most of them, and we covered all the main themes requested.

Disclosures – I did not charge a fee for this interview. My family has an account with Spreadex, and we’re very happy with the service, integrity, and financial strength of the company. Hence why I am happy to interview them. I hope listeners find this interview interesting.