Mello London 2019 – my presentation slides

Paul Scott – Mello 2019 – small caps – click this link to view my presentation slides, in pdf formatZANE web page

My small caps presentation on Fri 17 May 2019, at Mello London was my usual annual reflection on my small caps investment, and market conditions. Plus of course what people really want most – some ideas of interesting shares to do their own research on.

I also included a 5 minute talk about my recent charity observer visit to Zimbabwe, to see what ZANE (an amazing little charity) does on the ground there, to help destitute pensioners, and other important work. It was a fascinating, albeit at times harrowing, visit. I came back to the UK determined to raise awareness of ZANE to the investor community.

ZANE - John Simpson quote

Unfortunately, a previous Mello presentation over-ran, so I wasn’t able to give my more detailed presentation about ZANE. Therefore I have included the slides, and my comments, here. So that anyone interested can see a bit more about ZANE’s wonderful work in Zimbabwe. Hopefully some of you might like to get involved, and become donors.

To donate now, here are some links for online donations (via Virgin money giving web pages);

Immediate crisis funding

Commonwealth veterans & widows support

Other ways to donate – note that you can choose which ZANE programme you wish to put your money towards. There is also a remarkable Club Foot correction programme which ZANE participates in – which transforms lives for very little money.


Paul Scott – Mello 2019 – small caps – link to my presentation slides