Paul Scott interviews Richard Crow again

(sound starts at 00:28 – sorry, I don’t have my usual audio editing software with me, as I’m in Malta)
Paul interviews renowned investor Richard Crow @CockneyRebel, who gives us his latest macro thoughts, and lots of stock ideas for us to research ourselves (Richard holds most of the shares we discuss)

(sound starts at 00:28, sorry about that) Our last interview was here in July 2022.

Richard is bullish, seeing the market as exceptionally cheap right now. He’s also upbeat about the outlook for consumer-facing stocks, and runs through lots of interesting share ideas.

Click here to see Richard’s new shares blogging site.

As always, we’re never giving advice or recommendations, and some of these stock ideas will do well, and some badly. That’s the way it always goes. Richard has an excellent long-term track record, which is why I value his opinions.

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